Introduction strengths, needs and interests. The Ecomap

Introduction The two tools that I have picked to examine the Riverze Family is Culturagram and Ecomap. I looked over all the tools that were available that would give the best summary of this family’s path to a positive direction. These are both great visual tools that can be used in examining the family’s elements that negatively or positively impact them.Ecomap: I picked Ecomap because it could help the Riverez family relate significant factors and how they can impact their lives.

It will also help show some of their strengths, needs and interests. The Ecomap for the Riverze family shows that Julio is devoted to his work and puts effort into his jobs and obtains benefits from them, which gives financial support for his family, even though a better paying job would help the financial pressure. The mother Quianna’s Ecomap showed her strong mothering skills to which she gives great achievement and receives satisfaction, even though there are some issues with her children. The Ecomap supplies items that need to be addressed such as their oldest some Rico’s struggles in school, the result of the shooting that occurred on Julio’s family, and Quianna’s nightmares that occur after having her youngest child.

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One thing shown on the Ecomap was the love both parents have for the family.Culturagram: I picked Culturagram to evaluate community and environmental factors that could be affecting the Riverez family. This is also a great tool to use with families of a diverse background. The culturagram showed that the family lived in a community for years even though they must struggle with crimes and not a lot of jobs that a better community would have.

It also shows that there are community resources that can be used to help the family well they still live in the community. Some of these resources are: The Englewood community Portal, The Youth Education Program, The Chicago Cure the Violence Program, Daycare Assistance and Vocational Training Program for parents. Conclusion The Ecomap and Culturagram are both great tools that can be used to address cultural, family, economic and social systems that are influencing the family. You can examine like a blueprint, to which is how buildings begin. ReferencesChicago Youth Program: Retrieved: November 14th, 2018 from: http:// www.chicagoyouthprograms.orgEnglewood Portal News from a Chicago Smart Community: Retrieved November 14th, 2018 from: http:// www.

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