INTRODUCTION to the customer, eventually the business

INTRODUCTIONThis paper will evaluate more on deliver time services for customers in waiting for taxi car at airport. The main objectives of this paper are to describe and comment on the services of airport to their customers. The aim for this paper is also to discuss of issues regarding on the queuing system that are on the customer services quality. The market research focus on the queues which is traditional cashier at the front line section.

According to expert, the relationship between these two which is service behavior and service quality has a big role and it is very important in every marketing management. (Heskett & Sasser, 2010; Hutchinsona, Laib, & Wang, 2009). First, the performances of the services time always play important role especially for business that have services that need to interact with customers every single day. A good example of this services is bank retail. With good performance in services, it will bring benefit to the businesses in which the management took seriously by understand how precise and value the time of their customer.

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By giving full attention on services to the customer, eventually the business will increase in profit and their will get customers satisfaction.


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