Inventories to the few basic elements and

Inventories speak at the time of the largest category of resources for manufacturing companies close to factories and equipment. the extent of inventories that will be added to the resource with significant changes between 15 and 30 percent. Given a significant investment in inventories, the importance of inventory management can not be overstated. The Think Fair aims to decide the refined industry in inventory management and evaluate the execution of the administration in this regard. When organizing the evaluation of the performance of the administration of the actions, by referring to the annual reports of the organization, the requested information was collected. A convincing shareholder administration must: guarantee an unceasing supply of raw materials to encourage continuous production. maintain an adequate stock of packaged goods for regular operations and efficient customer services. minimize time and transport time. control the company in the speculations in stocks and keep it at an ideal level. it guarantees a better distance, a better distance, a better, a stronger, an improvement> a better use of available stocks by promoting the exchange of relations with a company. maintain adequate stocks of raw materials during periods of shortage and expected cost changes. ABC research is a strategy of categorization of titles that divides the elements into three categories a and c: one of them is the most important thing that is the most important. This strategy aims to draw managers’ attention to the few basic elements and not the many insignificant elements c. The ABC approach indicates that when looking at the stock market, a company must evaluate things from a to c by basing its valuations on the assumption after the rules: items a are products whose estimate of annual usage is the highest. worthy of mention. the rate of 70-80% of the estimate of the annual use of the company regularly represents 10-20% of the accumulated quantities in stock. The elements b are collation objects with an average usage estimate. 15-25% of the estimated annual usage is usually 30% of the added items. Items c are the opposite of the lowest estimate of use. the lowest 5% of the annual utilization value generally represents 50% of the accumulated sums.


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