Is can already see how comfortable they are

Is there really no such thing as miracle, fate, and destiny? Tom, after finishing his very smooth and successful interview at the Architectural firm, it is now time for Autumn’s interview.

 As he is patiently waiting for Autumn to finish her interview, he recalls everything that happened between him and Summer. He brought back into his mind all his memories shared with Summer. He keeps on convincing himself to move forward and let go of those memories with Summer. “Summer is over, she is not here anymore, I have to focus more on improving myself.”, Tom said. Turning experiences into learning will be the best thing that he’ll ever do. His life’s all blue when he entered the world of Summer.

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That moment, he clearly doesn’t belong. It is now time for Tom’s colors suit his path. After some time, Tom finally said to himself, “all of these don’t matter to me anymore; it’s all in the past.” Just after that, Autumn finished her interview and she’s approaching Tom with a smile on her face showing her excitement. “Hmmm you look so happy huh, how did it go?”, Tom asked. “It went very well.”, Autumn replied. “We should get going Autumn.

“, Tom said. As they were walking to the coffee shop, they were sharing their experiences about the interview. They were talking with each other about everything that happened. You can already see how comfortable they are with each other.While drinking their coffee, they talked about their current status and past relationships.

Of course, Tom talked about Summer, everything that happened. Autumn shows her willingness to listen to Tom as she also shared that she experienced the same thing with his past relationship with a guy. It is definitely time for them to experience true love and true happiness.

After having a great time talking about the interesting things that happened with their lives, they decided to call it a day, go separate ways and go home. But, before leaving, Tom again turns his back and asks for Autumn’s number so that he can contact her anytime. Without hesitation, Autumn wrote her number in a tissue paper and gave it to Tom. After a few days, Tom decided to contact Autumn to go out for a lunch. They went to Tom’s favorite place to eat and coincidentally it is also Autumn’s favorite place to eat.

Another sign? For Tom, definitely yes. They both knew they were really enjoying each other’s company, so they decided to go out for lunch every single day. And one day in the middle of their conversation while they were having lunch, Tom’s cell phone rings, and it is the interviewer from the architectural firm he is applying for informing that he got the job. Tom was so happy and in return, he paid for lunch. Same favorite spot. Same favorite place to eat.

 Coincidence. Nothing more than a coincidence.   


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