Is at one’s own discretion. The meaning of

Is free will fiction? The meaning of free will is the power of acting without the limitation of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. The meaning of fiction is literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people. So, to answer the question of free will being fiction, I would have to say that free will is not fiction but a form of understanding that one’s self could control his/her fate from their own decisions in life. As stated in the Free will article, “It’s still not clear whether or not humans actually have free will, and it has been determined that certain behaviors are heavily influenced by genetics, brain chemistry, and our environments”. To me, I believe that to a lot of people the idea of free will might not exist to them but to other people free will is just that…an idea.

It is an idea to hold on to, to help them get through life at ease. For example, in the quote that has constantly been repeated throughout centuries “Everything happens for a reason”. Now with this quote, everyone uses this when they think it is fate or if they assume that it is destiny or maybe if something simple happens in their life as in two best friends growing apart from each other, or if a person that you never thought you would see again in your lifetime magically appears again. Even if we find external causes for our behavior, we will still need to feel the need to look for the internal causes because it is in human nature to “figure out what happened to us” but then also figure out “why we let it happen to us”, it is kind of like playing the blame game.

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