Is way a person could have died

Is the act of using animals for research in medical camps. There are different levels of testingfrom rats to monkeys. If the medicine is functioning in rats is usually then used in rabbits and if itis still functioning the medicine is tested in monkeys and chimpanzees due to the huge similarityin our DNA. When testing these drugs it is necessary to try in animals that are pregnant to seethe effect in the son and in the mother in case it can hurt the child.How is is beneficial to society?Animals testing is one of the most important parts in order to evolve in the camp of medicine.

These kind of testing has avoided a lot of failures in testing with human beans, if the drugs weretoxic in any way a person could have died if there weren’t such a thing as animal testing.How long have humans been using this technique?There are evidences that the scientists in ancient Greek used to do dissections for anatomicalresearch. For the ancient Greek people experimenting with animal was a sign of respect for himas, because their gods gave them a higher status as an animal.Is it controversial? If so please state why.Yes, this one of the most controversial parts of medicine, because it is not ethically right to killan animal for the sake of another animal.

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People complain because the animals are suffering inthe process of the research even thought that the animals are treated in perfect condition for thesake of the animal and the test.Anything else you think is interesting”Animal Experiments in Biomedical Research: A Historical Perspective.” Animal Experimentingin Biomedical Research, 2013,”Animal Testing –” Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?,


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