ISIS targeted audience. But this was all a

ISIS PROPAGANDA: TO ACHIEVE PUBLICITY AND ENHANCE RECRUITMENT:Review:This article is focused on how Islamic state recruit thousands of people around the world and why ISIS uses extreme brutality to attack the Shia’s community.

The most crucial aspect is that how an Islamic state could exploits each of its operations to serve their propaganda. The main purpose of this article is to determine that how a group fakes themselves in such a way to attract people. The article focuses on the aspects that relate the strategies of the propaganda, and highlights the employment of the propaganda. Especially the tactics the Islamic state uses to seduce and attract people and taking advantage of the characteristics of the targeted audience. But this was all a part of their propaganda to abuse and underestimate the Islamic teachings and the state too, to achieve their own political agenda. (alghofaili, 2015)What was the study about?As it’s mentioned above about the propaganda that ISIS created in order to recruit people for their publicity. Moreover, the article is about the Islamic state terrorist organization (IS) that how it has become the well-known and widely known terrorist group and owes the advanced propaganda techniques to seduce and attract people from all over the world.

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This propaganda is mainly used or in short the main purpose of this propaganda is to attract the new recruits. This article is not only focused on one issue but one or more issues for instance; why they attack Shias? How does IS exploit others mistakes to recruit people? And why did the JTJ terrorist group topple the regime in Jordon?This article focuses on the IS group and the violent organization which always and almost, accomplished every event to hire their needs and to recruit their needs.Their propagandas was not only for the recruitment of people but also to terrify their enemies and for the fundraising. Moreover, there were hidden messages that IS attempts to send to their audiences and influence them with those messages and attracts them.

METHODOLOGY:This article has been written in the need of explaining the techniques and propagandas that were used to enhance the recruitment and achieve the maximum of the publicity by the IS Islamic state. The methodology, techniques that were used was partial. The techniques that were used to acquire their propaganda includes the:Historical analysis:Was used to trace the sequence of events and also the actors those were associated with that event which lead to the use of propaganda for IS.

Content analysis:Was used to examine the text of religious documents, words of speeches of IS group and media releases.Moreover, the article has been divided into three portions to make everything clear and for better understanding. Each section has a great detail on how IS has accomplished the events just for the strengthening of their propaganda.FINDINGS:As mentioned above about the topple (collapse) of regime in Jordon it is been founded that:Propaganda has many meanings and expressed in many ways, such as verbally, textually and visually. Bolt (2012) declared that terrorist groups believe that not only the visual images of violent deeds are effectual but also the potential recruits are used to influence and seduce the large groups of voters and citizenry. For IS terrorist organization, they consider recruitment as an important aspect or as an vital purpose for the propaganda.

With the help of above findings it is been stated the ideology appears as an important aspect for the terrorists groups. They need their members to survive. The main purpose of their propaganda was just to make new members and increased the popularity. The beginning of the history of this terrorist group began when the founder Abu Musab al-Zarqawi migrated to Afghanistan.

When Zarqawi migrated to Afghanistan Bin laden supported Zarqawi. Because it was his propaganda behind supporting Zarqawi which was to increase the followers of Al-Qaeda. Fisk focuses on the same goals and aims of Zarqawi and laden but latter focused more on their personal propaganda which was to collapse the royal family in Jordon. But Zarqawi abandoned his ambition of toppling the regime in Jordon because majority of his recruits became none Jordanians.

This terrorist group has used so many events for their advantage to recruit people. Zarqawi and his followers targeted Shias to achieve their propaganda and for the recruitment process, they targeted Shia community and defended Sunnis so that Zarqawi could become the defender of Sunnis and can recruit them. After the collapse, fall off the Saddam regime, Cruelty and brutality was used against the Shias the attacking had a purpose and that purpose was to recruit more people because Shias were declared as non-Muslims and enemies of Islam that’s why Sunnis also disliked them. That’s why Zarqawi attacked Shias and defended Sunnis to recruit Sunnis. Moreover, the is terrorists group used international media coverages to attract a large number of audiences.CONCLUSION:Propaganda plays a vital role in the Islamic state policy. This article showed about the various purposes and exploitation of events just to serve propaganda which IS terrorist group made for their benefits but the main purpose for their propaganda was enhancement in recruitment and publicity. In addition to the propagandas used by IS they also produced seductive and alluring messages, for instance the Islamic state tends to be a political organization rather than a religious group, whereas the propagandas they used shows teachings that are totally different from the Islamic shariah.

They claim themselves as the followers of sharia teachings but they never yielded to the sharia teachings. They did and can do everything for their advantage, the first conduct of them was the extreme use of violence which is totally against the sharia teachings, killing innocent people is considered as one of the biggest sins in sharia as the Quran asserted the killing one man, without any right is equal to killing all human beings. And who so ever commits such actions will be dwell in hellfire forever. And attacking the worship places and buildings is considered as corruption and Allah hated those who corrupts. In conclusion, the above article shows that recruitment and propaganda is the vital aspects for IS.

The recommendation is the counter-terrorism campaigns should focus on the religious side of IS and and disclose and tell to people about how they are abusing the teachings of Islam for their benefits. And a persuasive and effective campaign should be started to help and assist those who lack religious knowledge and teachings in west specially those who are new converts. And further studies for Muslim societies those who have less knowledge about teachings of Islam. (alghofaili, 2015).


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