Isn’t speaking, the rational part of a minor

Isn’t it ironic that society restrict adolescence from purchasing alcohol, enlisting in the military, entering a licitly binding acquiescent until the age of 18 or older because of their partial developed encephalon that obstructs them from making concrete decisions, but still visually perceive it fit to sentence minors who commit belligerent malefactions to the death penalty or life without parole? Factually speaking, the rational part of a minor brain does not plenarily develop until they have reached the age of 25. Puerile offenders should receive immunity from the death penalty and certainly should not be sentenced to life without parole.

I am not insinuating that their actions should go uncorrected. However, it is barbarous to penalize them to that degree for a crime they committed without judicious thought. JustificationThere is a prodigious distinction between the way an adult encephalon function and the way a minor encephalon operate; Adults cerebrate with the rational part of their brain which equips them to respond to situations with good judgment and the sense of long term consequences. Minors on the other hand, respond to situations from an emotional standpoint.

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Consequently, making it arduous for them to evaluate the long term consequences of their action. The fact is this, it does not matter how keenly intellective a minor is; Making good judgement isn’t something that adolescents excel in right away, mistakes and poor decisions are the ineluctably ineluctable. It is our responsibility as a society to implement laws/policies that will bulwark juveniles from fiendish judgements like the death penalty and life without parole.


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