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It gives me immense pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation for Sanchit Goel, an apt prospective operations enthusiast, who should undoubtedly be given a chance to prove his mettle in his desired field of study. I have known Sanchit for over year and a half, during which he was a vital part of my team at Radha Govind Automobiles Pvt Ltd., where he had been my subordinate for various projects.

 I hold the position of General Manager of this company; Sanchit is working as an operations manager. His role was to identify the unique characteristic of the whole operation systems and to develop an effective model with an emphasis on significantly increasing the efficiency and ensuring the best output. Sanchit has been a perfect combination of qualities in managerial, interpersonal, independent, visionary and initiative-orientation. Sanchit exhibited remarkable business orientation and ability to execute an inside sales operation which happened to be the most cost-effective solution for dealing with the rural customers and increasing our rural penetration. Sanchit was always pleasant to work around – it was important to him to bring a good atmosphere to the office, always upbeat with his peers, being friendly. Sanchit was competitive, but not competing against his peers as much as against his own personal best.

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He didn’t have any subordinates, and above his were his sales managers, workshop managers and myself, the general manager. I strongly believe that it is the right time for him to pursue further education. I am sure that as Sanchit’s determination and leadership qualities were one of the contributing factors behind our success, similarly he will be a factor in driving optimism and creativity to your class and university. Keeping all of this under consideration, I am extremely unhesitant in offering Sanchit a recommendation.

In case you require any other information, please feel free to contact me.Yours Sincerely,Vinay TyagiGeneral Manager Radha Govind Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.Mobile: 9760092007Email: [email protected]


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