It for each person) with video clips starting

It consists of mined pictures from more than 0.5 million biographic records from the Wikipedia Living folks records.

It consists of 8500 faces from 1500 persons. YouTube Faces Database (YFD) consists of 3425 videos of 1595 different persons (2.15 videos for each person) with video clips starting from forty eight to 6070 frames. It was designed to convey a cluster of videos and marks for person’s recognition from videos. YouTube Makeup Dataset (YMD) It contains an information that accommodates pictures from 151 persons from YouTube makeup tutorials previous and once precise to substantial makeup.

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During this process, four shots were captured for all persons (two shots previous and 2 shots once makeup). It has constant illumination however it illustrates the difficulties in recognitions of face before changes in makeup.B. Indian Movie Face Database (IMFD)It contains an information that has 34512 pictures from a hundred Indian actors gathered from regarding a hundred videos and cropped to own changes in illumination, pose, expression, resolution, occlusions and makeup.


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