It again. It improves your works so much.

It is a common phrase’ look forward, not backward’ but sometimes it is necessary to look back so that we can always move forward. We set goals, make plans and we imagine that the goals are achievable. For example- we plan to lose 5 lbs in a week, or to save 10% of saving etc. we never think or analyze how much progress we made till now, how much weight you have shed or how much savings you did last month.

Why should you measure backward, not forward? It is important that we should know what we are doing, for example, if we are trying to learn any new habit then it’s important to keep tracks of your past days. If you have started the habit of jogging daily then it is necessary that you have records of the how much kilometers you ran, so that you can increase the distance today. It helps to increase your stamina and keeps you healthy. If you are preparing for any new project then you should look at the mistakes of your past projects, so that you can avoid the same mistakes again. It improves your works so much. When you are going through the phase of failure, you should look back and memorize all the achievements.

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Think about all the happy moments you had. It gives you happiness and motivation to stand up again and try again. Before taking any huge decision if you go through all your past records or just bad decision then this decision will be more calculated, precise and more beneficial for you. If you fail in getting the project or achieving the desirable mistakes, sit and look backward- what mistakes you made, where you were wrong and why you were wrong. Keeping goals are great but what you have done or what you are doing to achieve it is more important.How is it useful in daily activities?You want to limit your calories intake to 1500 calories a day.

You cannot suddenly start eating all the low-calorie food, keep a journal of your daily calorie intake. Read the last day calories intake for example; if it is 2500 calories a day then try to limit 2000 calories today. And one day you will reach to 1500 calories a day.If you are working in the stock market and you should make at least 50 calls a day but you are just calling to 20 customers a day. That’s not good for you! Every day keep the records of the number of calls you make. Every morning before starting your work just look at the numbers and promise yourself that you will make 5 more calls than the last day.

You will definitely get better if you just look at your past; it helps you to keep moving forward.


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