It this takes place, Starbucks was certainly up

It is a known fact that: After all, China continues to be a communist country to this very day. As this takes place, Starbucks was certainly up for a challenge before it would achieve any of its results in business here in China. In fact, many believed that this specific aspect of being a communist country could affect the business sector almost instantaneously. At this very moment is where networking and making business friends became very important. Starbuck needed to associate themselves with local businesses in the country to get a hang of politics and business, so, they did just that.

As a result, this would prepare Starbucks to stand alone in the future with confidence. In other words, it gave them the strength to maintain their business alone.When speaking of demographic factors, it was very important for Starbucks to know who its target market would be coming into business within the China market. It was imperative for them to be familiar with the certain age group of individuals that would most likely be interested in purchasing their coffee. In addition to the contemplation of who would be drinking coffee, food was another article taken into consideration.

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