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It is an establish fact that protein constituent represents the highest cost input in fish farming because of the relatively highly percentage of fish meal that has to be incorporated into the diet thereby making fishmeal very expensive which is in turn affect the aquaculture industry adversely. Consequently, increase in demand for fishmeal, fish oil and every other feed ingredient which are in fish feeds is expected to increase feed cost (Hashim, 2006).Feed formulation for animal has varous methods which has evolved over the years with the advent of developing technologies. It is very essential that when animals are being fed, the right amount of nutrients are contained in their feed. this is so as to provide the required amount of energy for the different stages of growth, reproduction and metabolism (Saxena 2012)The sustainability and the success of fish farming is the ability to effectively meet and balance the nutritional needs of the fishes at least cost possible. Feeding nutitionally balanced feeds to the fishes is of utmost importance because of its consequence on the growth and efficent feed utilization (Toye 2001).

In this light, because of need to cut down the cost of aqua feed production and the increase in the price of soybean and other conventional feed stuffs, there is need to look at other unconventional feed stuffs like seeds and leguminous plants. It is on this view; this research is aimed at determing the growth performance of Heterocclarias fed with autoclaved and fermented bambaranut seed meal and the effectiveness of such feed on culture system in term of fish response and body composition.Aquaculture feed production has been influenced by shortage, composition and price rises in fishmeal, thus solution must be provided to reduce their inclusion level in fish feeds, high cost of fishmeal has increased cost of producton. To prevent this problem, research into other source like bamabaranut is neccesary to bridge the supply gap created by fishmeal shortage.The general aim of this research work is to compare the growth response of clarias gariepinus and heterobranchus longifilis hybrid fingerlings fed with graded levels of two unconventional protein sources; fermented and autoclaved bambaranut seed meal.

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To determine the best percentage inclusion level of the fermented bambaranut seed meal and autoclaved bamabranut seed in the diet of the clarius gariepinus and heterobranchus longifilis hybrid fingerlings as it affect their growth performance. To evaluate autoclaved and fermented bamabarnut seed meal stability. To determine the growth performance and body composition of hybrid cat fish.


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