It is argued that Crime Surveys or Victim Surveys give a additional correct measure of the amount of crime in society, as a result of they embrace hidden crime like crimes that haven’t been according to, or recorded by the police. conjointly their technique of gathering information is consistent and is unaffected by changes in news or recording practices which will typically hinder police statistics. Critics argue that Crime surveys still underestimate crime levels do to at random capping the amount of crimes one may be ill-used by AN exceedingly|in a very} given year; this capping will manufacture an chimerical measure in such cases as recurrent domestic abuse. Crime surveys also are criticized for excluding beneath sixteen’s and people that board communal institutions, like nursing homes and university halls of residence. in conclusion crime surveys fail to record crimes against ‘victimless’ crimes like traffic, crimes against industrial premises or vehicles and since they’re victim surveys murder and homicide.


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