it there was a decline in crime. So,

it is believed that the relationship between disorder and crime is somewhat exaggerated. Others think that in New York City, their accomplishment in decreasing crime rates has been overgeneralized, wrong, and that the cause of why the city has had a decrease in crime is because of multiple factors. It has been simplified to the Broken Window theory. However, this theory is only a part of the decline in crime. This article talks about how NYC is a prime example of this theory, but even before this new way of policing was incorporated, crime had already seen a decrease.

Also, places that did not incorporate this new technique, there was a decline in crime. So, there is a lot of debate about broken window policy, and whether it is even effective or not. There is a lot of uncertainty on why New York has had a crime decline in its cities. It is difficult to figure out the influence of different policies, techniques, and approaches to policing because there is no way to prove that they work or not.

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