It is crucial to ensure that all Assignments and/ or exam criteria relate directly to the relevant awarding body’s specifiction requirements.

Regular meeting in teams/ department’s to internally verify the decisions made by Assessors is a good way to test that reference to the specifications throughout the assessment decision are present consistently.

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Once this is achieved a similar method is used to test whether or not the Assessor has accurately measured the performance of a learner using the methods agreed within the assessment that it was agreed within the Internal Verification process suited the situation/ context.

To gain validity the Assessor must work to make sure that the same result will occur regardless of who is assessing. To this end the criteria an instructions as to how to achieve it must be clear and achievable when the assessment decision takes place

Equality and diversity and individual requirements need to also have been considered eg allowing extra time, alternate methods (vlog or podcast) for the learner in accordance with their needs identified in the group profile


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