It assigned to customer service. Massy Stores

It is important for companies to create a strong, tight connection to customers to maintain loyalty. Interacting with customers or listening to customers is crucial to customer relationship management. Developing loyalty programs is another way of building loyalty. These programs are designed to provide rewards to customers who buy frequently and in substantial amount. They can go to build long term loyalty with customers. This program was originally pioneered by hotels, airlines and credit card companies but now exist in many other types of businesses.

Massy Stores Guyana Inc. has an established customer loyalty program managed by the customer service department. Customers are given a loyalty card where they build points when shopping and are able to redeem after accumulating a substantial amount of points.

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Delivering excellent customer service matters when it comes to ensuring customers make repeat purchases. Very often customers do not return because of failure to deliver on customer service. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure there is an easy, clear and accessible way for customer’s to communicate with you whether it’s in live chat, by phone or in person and that someone is specifically assigned to customer service. Massy Stores Guyana Inc. is big on delivering excellent customer service hence, there is a customer service department to focus on customer-based concerns.

There is also continuous customer service training to ensure that all employees are equipped to delight every customer, every day, every time


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