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It is important that during the event everything runs smoothly. Being organised means making sure that everything is running on times, notes are taken, documents are distributed, rooms are easily accessible and arrivals and cancellations are noted. Organization is important for an event planner mainly because it allows you to perform tasks more efficiently for the event.

It helps the event planner to get the resources for the event faster. Organization is important for dealing with information as well, which is especially important when being an event planner mainly because you have to consider many health and safety documents and also finance information, due to the fact that you will need to control your expenses to ensure you have enough funding to provide for the event. It is very important as an event planner that you monitor the cancellations made. Some organisers offering free events now only charge if an organisation does not turn up rather than if they do. If an organisation keeps on cancelling places, the event organisers may decide not to offer them a place in the future. To stay organised, an event organiser needs to ensure that they have some sort of set time schedule which will clearly show which task is a priority and also what task is going to be done by when. This enables the event plan to run smoothly and effectively. An example that can be successful is using a GANTT chart that can help an event planner see how long their pre planning is going to take before the launch of the event.

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To stay this organised, an event organiser/planner must ensure that they have these skills:PrioritisationAttention to detail Following procedures Organising stored information Keeping track of numerous tasks and to-do lists is very important for an event planner. An event planner needs to make sure that they’re organised at all times through the event planning as it is the main reason for event success.


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