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It is measured by not only the amount of benefit gained but also the amount of people with benefits in the process. This theory hopes to provide guidance when choosing a courseAction may be considered right or wrong but it depends on the person and what is the cost-benefit of the action to that person, is individual benefit from an action or produce negative forces from the action. to others. Utilitarianism action will be taken if it to benefit individual and otherwise it should not take place, or should bring the user.

“greatness happiness principle” is when action is taken that will produce greatest happiness. In the case of patient at the brige of dying and patient in accident that in need of kidney. When considered action all people involved must be conisderd not only one party. 2 According to Mill “Those actions are right which produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people”1.In making a decision on action not only that the action should bring happiness to all party but greatest happiness must be higher for all people that is involve , the happenines should not be one sided or make other party feel left out .Bentham used caculus of pleasure and pain, in this case numeric number are assigned to pleasure based on duration, intensity and number of people affected, with this only the number with highest result are to be considered.

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1. Both Mill and Bentham agree that action has promote happiness great number of people tohas promiote is good when it promote pleasure. of action. Utilitarianism is divided into two groups based off of how they apply the theory. A Rule


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