It the accounting field and wish to take

It is my intent to pursue a masters of accountancy to pursue a new career path. At this stage in my life I have worked in a few different industries and have clearer understanding of my strengths and interest.

Over the past 18months I have taken several classes to expand my knowledge of the accounting field and wish to take it to the next level. I understand the importance of advanced education due my limited work experience in the field. I have worked with numbers in some respect for most of my career and the last four years as a frustrated data analyst. Frustrated from having to work with dirty data that can only be directionally correct. I have a strong desire to have numbers and data make sense and tell a clear story. When one plus one equals everything except two it sparks the desire to dig deeper and find out why there is a disconnect. I have worked industries completely submerged by rules and guidelines and I have also worked in an industry where guidelines are clear as mud.

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I truly understand the need for rules, integrity and ethics after these experienced. I prefer rules, regulations, guidelines, one version of the truth. I am more comfortable standing by my work when I have clearly defined lines. I have always enjoyed my accounting just for that reason, even in undergrad, I majored in Economics but took every accounting class available. It makes sense, I can stand in truth concerning my work because there are clear rules and regulations that come with the profession. I am excited about endless possibilities available to me by changing my career course to ….

.As I searched for programs to meet my current needs as a working adult, I came across the Prairie View Program and attended an information session. The session provided great insight into the program demands and flexibility.

This program will allow me to continue to work as I pursue my advanced degree and has a tight direct schedule that allows the program to be completed timely. The leaders of the meeting was able to provide guidance as to how I can complete all the prework necessary.


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