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It is necessary to establish respectful and professional relationships with children and young people in the role of TA. There are assured strategies which allow such a appreciated and trusted relationship to be recognized. A relationship where a child has trust and respect for their TA and feels at ease in their company, consent to the TA to proffer a encouraging and caring environment within which the child can gain knowledge of and develop.
During certain moment in my life, I have found myself in the middle of disagreement. It’s very important to be wise, tactful and aim to help to resolve the issue, that’s if somebody asks you to. Countless times people distinguish how to sort it out, or what ought to be done to resolve the problem, however they can get very emotionally caught up at that moment and purely not able to do anything. If such a situation occurred, it’s beneficial to listen and provide them with time to cool down. This could take couple minutes or longer period of time.
The main objective is to be patient, which may be difficult to do at times, but it is fundamental to keep yourself calm at all times. There might be times where I may be needed to referee discussions, over a period of time, which is until both parties feel that the problem has been resolved to their contentment. There may be disagreements at work, in the midst of friends, amongst children at school, or at home. Initially, whilst wanting to supervise disagreements, the ability of listening to both sides of the conflict and considering the entire circumstance is necessary, before making any final decisions.

Learning outcome 4 – Know about current legislation, policies and procedures for confidentiality and sharing information. Including data protection.

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Under the Data Protection Act, whichever personal information acquire on children contained by the school have to meet strict privacy rules. The reason of getting hold of the information must be recognized. It should be stored thus not to permit any third party admission, this must include protected hard copies in a sheltered office or password protecting information kept electronically. If a parent has given me information about a child, I must make certain that this is recorded accurately and following school policies, giving it to the appropriate member of staff as soon as doable. Where a child protection distress is raised, information will be passed on to the Head teacher or elected senior


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