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It’ is not unrealistic to expect workers to do a great job at work, and to deliver great service, if their salaries are so low that they’re worried about buying groceries for their family every month. If employees are properly cross-trained, they can find useful things to do when they’re not working directly with clienteles. With cross-trained employees, you will have employees doing more work instead of people sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Cross training is more efficient, and employees feel more competent their jobs more interesting No matter how you approach it with all decisions should be good for employees, good for customers, and good for the business owner. The business owner must invest in their employees or their business will die.
A great employee can be trained quickly to do any job. The most common problem with hiring is finding the right people. Interviewing is one or the one most important aspect of any business and that’s why it’s also the most difficult. You must have the right people on your team otherwise your business will struggle.
Traditional methods for hiring include hiring people you know. Family and friends are often looked at to fill potential jobs. You need people you can trust and there is usually no group of people you know better than your own family or group of friends. Word of mouth is also common. You ask your family, friends, co-workers and colleagues to pass the word around that you’re hiring. Word spreads and you get candidates for the available positions. If those two methods don’t work, there is always the classifieds sections in the local newspapers. It’s a method that still works well. Many people people constantly look in the classifieds for job openings. You could leave an ad in constantly just to keep a steady stream coming in.
A good restaurant manager who is hiring always make room for great people even if they don’t have an immediate opening.
Perhaps the first step you’ll need to take in training restaurant staff is to hold an orientation. In an orientation, you or your trainers will present basic information about your business, your practices, and everything relevant to your staff’s basic performance of their job. More specifically the orientation will include.
After orientation, restaurant staff should begin the training process. In the training process, you or your trainers will instruct and educate new staff about important elements of their day-to-day work. Ultimately, instruction and education are the foundation of your employee’s training and will provide them with the tools they need to go forward and succeed. This is your opportunity to focus on the particularities of different roles in your restaurant, including
One of the best ways to teach new staff is to have them observe and assist the most experienced staff in your restaurant. This way, not only will your experienced staff be able to train and teach your new staff, but the new staff will be able to see common practices and less-used practices that your trainers might not typically teach them.
No one will be better able to understand what’s most important for a new restaurant employee to know than your veteran staff members. Take advantage of their experience and talk to them about different and innovative ways of training new hires. Ideas can include:
Give new restaurant employees training in all the positions in the restaurant. Have them spend time on the food line, behind the bar if legally permissible, with the dishwashers and working with the host or hostess to greet and seat diners. This will help them become more flexible in their duties and give them a better understanding of what it takes to run the restaurant successfully
While there will be a lot of important information to cover with your new hires, food and occupational safety should always take top priority. Emphasize these areas as they pertain to the new hires’ positions and the restaurant. Review safety procedures and rules throughout the training process to ensure they’re understood.


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