It get help. Child is not acknowledging anyone

It is very important to recognize and respond to any concerns regarding child’s or young people’s development as it may affect their learning, holistic development and gaining new skills same as self-confidence and becoming independent. My role as an Early Years practitioner and to respond and recognize it by keeping accurate observation on the child and recording facts. Afterwards it must be reported to SENCO-special educational need coordinator, so support and help could be received on time. If child has any developmental delays he can have behavioral problems as being aggressive, always crying, being lonely, self-harming.
Example 1
Child is 24 months old and is not talking just bubbling and pointing. He will need referral to Speech and Language Therapist to get help.
Child is not acknowledging anyone around, plays independently with toys, does not like messy play and his speech and language are delayed. Child may have social communication difficulties, so he needs to be referred to Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist to put strategies in place.
Children and young people come from various family, cultural and circumstantial environments, which affects their development to a very large extent. It is important to understand all these factors to be able to be early to recognize to responds to any concern that may arise. If the problem is ignored or the problem has not been treated, the situation may get worse. Getting help or treatment required may mean that the result will not be as good as if the treatment had started earlier
Example 2


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