It organisations. Other people may be able to

It is very important to work in partnership with others like carers, families, advocates and health professionals like social workers and voluntary organisations. Other people may be able to provide useful information to support them being part of the individuals lives.

This is also called good partnership working. If there are communication difficulties with residents a carer or family member can share information with me about how we can communicate with individuals and how we can improve with it to make it more affective. Residents dietary restrictions, preference and dislikes can only be aware of known from their family members or friends. So it is essential to establish communication and maintain good relationships with residents, families and friends.Skills and approaches needed to resolve conflicts.

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A conflict can sometimes be quite aggressive in order to resolve this I must use a different range of skills to maintain the situation from escalating. I can use good listening skills, communication skills, holding information and also being diplomatic as analysing the situation. My approach needs to be tactful and calm also good body language showing I am open and ready to resolve the issue.


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