It is more dominant. Creating young girls

It is well known that the Princesses are very feminine since they are based on ancient times, but this does not prevent girls to adopt characteristics that Princesses have. Various stereotypes are represented by several of these princesses. According to the article ” Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses” by Dawn Elizabeth England & Lara Descartes & Melissa A.

Collier-Meek in 2011 states that “feminine characteristics…

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Submissive- yielding to power or authority, humble and ready obedience. This trait was usually in response to another character’s assertiveness”. Disney characters specific princesses are created weak enough to be influenced and controlled by a person that is more dominant. Creating young girls to becoming easier targets at being submissive because they want to be like a princess; therefore, thy won’t stand up for themselves. After all, it is during infancy when we are most susceptible to adopt certain characteristics that we see around us, either on fiction or not. (Silvia, 1998).


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