It’s the future saviors of earth. The

It’s the year 3018 and the space shuttle “Projection” had just been built by an amazing new logo.  Not NASA, but Galacorp, to explore a newly discovered planet far between Jupiter and saturn.  Scientists called it “Megamorph” for its strange constant structure changes.  Every 20- 40 years it changes to an unpredicted shape of some sort.  When it was first discovered, it was a square but now it was a perfect circle which was a perfect chance to go and discover it.  Galacorp collected all the world’s most intelligent teenagers from as many countries as they could.

 If there was life on this planet, it would be useful incase there was any life there could that could possibly speak a language that earth knew of. As scientists across the globe are designing Projection generals Laskie and Green are training the future saviors of earth.  The Red, Green, and Blue squadrons training to their fullest. 24 hours a day, seven days a week  non stop.

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 Taking a little dose of medicine which apparently contains ingredients of Megamorph’s atmosphere.  According to the scientists, if all three squadrons build up on taking the meds, then it will help them become stronger and faster as they step onto the planet because they also put a little something to make them go slower and weaken their strength.5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BLAST OFF!  As Projection took off with the passengers’ friends and family saying goodbye to the ones they loved  Projection successfully made it out of the earth’s atmosphere, as it was making its way on target an asteroid hit one the thrusters in the back!  Projection started to spin out of control!  Some of the passengers started to feel a little bit queasy but kept it in.  People started to go in shock because they had seen the Apollo ship blow up and some them wanted to successfully make it back home and tell their stories around the world.  But that didn’t look like that was going to happen.

 Families who were worried about their loved ones were tuning in on the comcast and the conversation between the passengers and the people checking in on them in the watchtower at Galacorp.


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