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It’s relatively easy to plagiarize without realizing you are doing so. Sometimes unintentional plagiarism is done but can sometimes be identified as a mistake or incorrectly providing credit. Plagiarism can be easy to do but avoiding can be just as easy if knowing how to support credit to what is being used. When writing any kind of paper, it is important to cite and reference all material, ideas, and words being used. It does not matter if the information sources are acquired through articles, books, text books, via internet, or newspapers, providing quotes, citations, and references are the most enough and secure ways in protecting yourself from plagiarism. Improper citations can hurt you and others, regarding plagiarism. Copying and pasting is one example, it doesn’t matter if the copying is from different websites it is still considered plagiarism.

As previous mentioned, properly citing must be one of the most important foundations in avoiding plagiarism. One must also know that there are different types of styles of writing and citing, such as MLS, APA, and Chicago. Citing all necessary used information must be included as part of your paper, to prevent it from being mistaken as intended plagiarism. Missing quotation, in my opinion must be the most obvious and absurd type of intentional plagiarism. Writing word for word from a source into your own paper without recognizing the authors credibility by providing quotes, is plagiarism at its max. Depending on the paper being written and the writing style being required, one must always quote appropriately other people work. Paraphrasing can be another form of plagiarism, but to me the most misleading type.

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Paraphrasing explains and includes somebody else’s idea but is reworded into your own words. When paraphrasing in a paper, one does not have to quote, because the exact wording is not being used, but recognition must be awarded for the idea. When citing work, I believe it’s always better to cite as you go.


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