James HamiltonLyn MegowEnglish 10130 September

James HamiltonLyn MegowEnglish 10130 September 2018Summary of “Hidden Intellectualism”In “Hidden Intellectualism,” Author Gerald Graff identified the problem teachers with intellectualism and the education system. He starts off by saying that almost everyone knows someone that is not academically wise, but is incredibly street smart. This form of smart is often overlooked in school settings because, as Graff says it “we associate the educated life, the life of the mind, too narrowly exclusive with subjects and texts that we consider inherently weighty and academic.” To put is simply he states the education system considers street smarts as anti-intellectual.

Graff goes on to offer examples from his own life. Throughout elementary school, he never cared for books he cared mainly for sports magazines such as Sports illustrated and other related magazines. Where he grew up it was looked down upon to have school based intellectualism rather than being street smart.Fix wording, Sentence structure don’t have run on sentences

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