Jasmine not confirmed. Both of them are

From this point of view Jasmine is very similar to Mocha, it is also perfect for unit testing. It is compatible with many browser automation tools. Similarly to Mocha its tests are also supporting BDD style written tests. This is what both of these frameworks have in common.

The `describe` clause defines a test suite and the `it` implements the BDD method that is describing the behaviour that a function should exhibit.
Test case denoted by the `it` clause is build in the same way as in case of Mocha. Its first parameter is a description of the behaviour under test written in plain-English and the second parameter is the implemented function which calls assertions that either pass or fail, depending on whether the described behaviour was, or was not confirmed.

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Both of them are fine choices if separation of the textual specification that everyone can read and write, from the technical implementation is not required. Due to not meeting this requirement Jasmine same as Mocha has been dismissed as inadequate.


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