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 JD sports: JD sportsis a sports company that has many products to offer customers such assportswear , trainers, clothing etc.

to male and female customers. . Thebusiness also offers many popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Ellesse,Lacoste, and Armani. Many people wear these huge brands because the brands are popular.On JD sports website they offer a bigger rang of clothing and other products toboth male and female. This also benefits a lot of customers because somecustomers are too busy to shop so they are able to use the website to shop andbe delivered on their devices      If you have a fast Internet connection, you canget an album in a couple of minutes. The iTunes Store, as of this writing,sells the following content in the UnitedStates: music, music videos, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, and apps for iOSdevices. The iTunes Store also rentsmovies and TV shows.

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They stream just over 40million songs or the customer candownload the songs and listen to them once they have Wi-Fi.2     Asimilarity that both of the websites is they both make a profit. Anothersimilarity is they both have a wide range of products they provide for thecustomer. A difference is that JD sports can offer products online in storeswhile iTunes cant. Also iTunes is cheaper to purchase a product than it is topurchase from JD. One way thatJD sports can get its product to the customer is by selling it though one oftheir many stores that they have available around the UK such as London,Inverness and there head office is in Bury. Another way that they can get thereproducts to their customer is by delivering there products to their customersfor an extra price this is available online.

The customer can chose how long itcan take. JD sports also offer a click and collect service from JD stores andother collection points this is a free service. There are over 600 stores soit’s likely that there is a convenient collection point nearby. And lastly theydo not provide an instant free collection it takes 3-5 working days.

     The way that the product gets to thecustomer is the company downloads the music, movie. And puts it on to thecustomer’s device4.They can download it onto any apple device such as iPhone, IPod, IPad and thenew apple watch. ITunes is accessible from each of these devices and you don’tneed to have Wi-Fi to access the website.

When the product is bought it doesn’ttake long for the product to be on their device. They do this by transferringthe data of the song onto the phone or apple device.     Similarity anddifference Similarityis that all of the ordering is all online. The difference is JD have storeswhere iTunes is all online to download a purchase. And also on iTunes you getthe product straight away where JD sports has to be delivered or collected andlastly they can sell their products all over the world because JD can sell abroadand iTunes can provide their products all over the world. JD sports- JD sportshas an app where customers can buy what they want from the store but onlineusing the app with free delivery.

Such as trainers, sportswear, summerclothing, winter clothing all of these products online using the JD app. Alsothe app will find the nearest JD for you so you would not have to travel far togo to a JD sports. Also can keep track of your purchase to make sure it’s beendelivered safely. This app can be available on android and apple devices or anysort of device.        The iTunes app isavailable on all apple devices for free it allows you to buy the latest albumsmovies and box sets also as soon as you buy it. It will be transferred onto anyother apple devices that the customer may have. The app is easy assessablewhenever you are and you don’t have to connect to Wi-Fi to listen or watch theproducts. The app also frequently updates you on their latest product that theyare selling.

 It also gives you the opportunity to rent or buy a film or TV box setthat you want to catch up on where ever, whenever. Also, on the plus side assoon as you buy the music, film or box set it will get put on any other appledevice that you have this means that you won’t have to buy it on each device      5     Similarities anddifferences A similarity is thatboth of the applications are free this means it will be more appealing todownload the app another similarity the apps have more than one functionavailable to the owner this means that you can do more than one option thatthey can do that is available on the app. A difference is all apple deviceshave the iTunes app downloaded where if you wanted the JD sports app you wouldhave to download it onto your device.  JD Sports have manysocial media accounts on websites such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook etc.They use their social media accounts to try and connect to their youngcustomers so it attracts them to come and visit their stores and it helps themto connect to their existing customers by posting new products that they havein store.The chat bar below onsocial media displays the type of twitter activity from JD sports on the socialnetwork.

And shows when people comment on certain products and when otherpeople interact with others about certain products on social mediaExample: JD useInstagram to post new products that they have in stock                ITunes doesn’t have anysocial media accounts but they have their own type of social media calledITunes Ping. Which is a type of social media platform that is used that isbased around music. That is used for people talking about what music they thinkis good and what isn’t. It was launched in 2010 and had over 1,000,000 usersuntil it closed in 2012.

Example: someone coulduse the app to say how good the app is and opinions about different songs soother people are recommending other music to other people by using ping.Apple music connect,is in many ways similar to ping but refined experience. Where Facebook andmimicked connect is almost like tumbler. They can post all sorts of things likephotos, videos and then their fans can then comment underneath and talk toother people that comment underneath the page as well     A similarity of the two business is that both of theaccounts have both had a huge following from its customers with Ping havingover 1,000,000 users and JD Sports has over 2,000,000 across all off itsaccounts.

A difference is that JD sports uses already established social mediaaccounts while ITunes has made its own type of social media. Another is thatthey provide different things on their social media accounts, JD gives discountcodes and ITunes gives recommendations on what songs are good.  


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