Jeremiah This type of schooling would be

Jeremiah RichMrs. Del PizzoEnglish 2A25 January 2018New Age Learning    Waking up early, eating breakfast, and getting on the schoolbus. That was the way things used to be.

However, things have changed. Now, with technology, one can attend school at home in comfort.  There are many reasons why I believe online schooling is more advantageous than traditional schooling.    Traditional schools for the most part could only be attended by people in a certain vicinity. However, online schooling has the advantage of being able to be accessed from almost anywhere. This is appealing to people who are homebound, work full time, or live far away from campus. In “U.S.

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unemployment drops to lowest in 17 years”, Patrick Gillespie and Chris Isidore state, “The U.S. economy rebounded from the hurricanes and added 261,000 jobs, the best performance of the Trump administration. Unemployment inched down to 4.

1%, the lowest since December 2000″. As the article states, people who are employed are increasing, therefore people would have a harder time attending traditional schooling. This is a great option for people who want to continue their studying but cannot afford to quit their jobs.    Another benefit to online schooling is the fact that it is a lot less psychologically stressful to those who suffer from bullying, social anxiety, and other types of mental illnesses.

This type of schooling would be beneficial for the growing number of people who suffer from social anxiety. In “Social Anxiety Disorder”, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America states, “Social anxiety disorder affects approximately 15 million American adults and is the second most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder following specific phobia”. Therefore, I believe online schooling is better for the American people as they should not have their potential ruined because of mental disorders.    Some people believe that students may have a hard time receiving the help they need in a respectable amount of time.

In “Online Courses Are Harming the Students”, Susan Dynarski says, “In the fully online model…

a student may never be in the same room with an instructor. This category is the main problem. It is where less proficient students tend to run into trouble”. However, this thought may be ill-informed or possibly relating to out-of-date forms of online schooling.

With today’s’ technology, and with how online schooling has evolved, there is now more information readily accessible and available to the students, along with the ability to stay in touch and get a speedy response from their teachers. A quick Google search reveals how numerous the amounts of online resources are available with 24 hour access to live online help. Therefore, I state that these claims are no longer legible to today’s current, modernized, online schooling system.     I believe that the previous information readily supports my claim with proper and reputable evidence that online schooling has more advantages than traditional schooling ways. In the supporting evidence that I have given, there is reasonable amounts of proof of how online schooling could give YOU an advantage in the future to come.


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