JG plastic as their body Dimension:50mm x

JG Aurora A-3
3D Printer Kit
EC15133     Firdaus Bin Mat Shukri
EC15132     Ahmad Hafizuddin Bin Ismail
Designed to provide user :
*The best 3D printer kit ,
*The best price ,
*Easiest to setup.

395mm x 379mm x 410mm
9 Kg
Printing Speed
20mm/s – 100/s
Power Usage
Required 110V /230V AC supply
4 Main Part
Hot End
Turbo Fan
Hot Bed
Stepper Motor
Main Part
Hot End
Use to melt and extrude    the plastict/filamen
Material: Made from aluminium
Dimension: 25mm deameter, 82mm high
Puwer Usage: 12 V
Temperature:160 °C to 250 °C
How it work
Hot end heated by heater cartridge to melt the filament once it goes through the nozzle
Turbo Fan
Use to cool off the filament after it is deposited by the nozzle
Material: Covered by black plastic as their body
Dimension:50mm x 50mm x 15mm
Puwer Usage:12 V and 0.14 A
Speed: 4000 rpm
How it work
The filament immediately be cooled by the turbo fan after it is deposited by the nozzle.It helps the object hold it shape and more sharper. This fan is turned on and off by the slicer under different situation depending on what material are printed.

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Hot Bed
To control the temperature of the printing process and to provide better adhesion
Material: Made from Aluminium substrate
Dimension:210mm x 210mm
Temperature:40 °C to 110 °C
Texture: Excellent thermal conductivity
How it work
The heat beds consist of temperature sensor that provide a require heat to ensure that the filament is cool below its melting point.

Stepper Motor
Controlling the movement of the x,y and z axis in case of the 3D printer and also for pushing the filament for ensure higher quality print .

Model: 200M-N-m Holding torque
Size: 34mm
Weight: 207g
Shaft Length:15mm
How it work
The stepper motor has a belt that connects between the motor and the extruder. This allows the extruder to move in x, y and z axis. The stepper motor will move based on instructions received from the controller.


JGAURORA A-3 Prusa i3 (Kit)



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