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Job satisfaction can be explained as a feeling that can produce two different effects that are positive or negative effects on a person’s role at work. It is very important for someone to understand the concept of job satisfaction because there is no way that can be used to satisfy all workers at work (Greenberg and Baron, 2008). A combination of feelings including a person’s mental, emotional, and physical (George and Jones, 2005).

Job satisfaction can also be defined as an employee’s emotional response to different job related factors resulting in finding pleasure, comfort, confidence, rewards, personal growth and various positive opportunities including appraisal done on a merit pattern with monetary value as compensation (Robbins ; Judge, 2007; George ; Jones, 2005). Rajesh Gautham, (2012) defined the job satisfaction as how well a job provides fulfillment of an employee needs.Job satisfaction can be measured for variety of reasons. For example, a company may measure job satisfaction to know their employees reaction to a new policy implementation. Also, a company wants to identify which the aspect that make their employees are dissatisfied. According to the Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number of employees who say they are satisfied with their current job is rising from 81% in 2013 to 88% in 2016.

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One of the factors is the economy improvement, since employers have been willing and able to increase the salaries, benefits for their workers such as promotion, good working condition and the good nature of work. Most company makes great efforts to achieve the employee’s satisfaction but not all attain this result (Bisk Education, 2018).Job satisfaction can be measured through interviews or with self-report measures.

Self-report measures by Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) and Job Descriptive Index (JDI). The MSQ measures satisfaction with twenty job facets. For examples they focus on supervisor competence, working conditions, task variety and chances for advancement.

The JDI measures satisfaction with five job facets; the job itself, supervision, pay, promotions and coworkers. The JDI is the most popular tools that company use. In our case study we use Job Descriptive Index (JDI), refers to Appendix to measures the job satisfaction in Dobi Ibu. In that form we give the statement that represent possible feelings that individuals might have about the company or organization for which they work. We use in Bahasa Melayu because to reduce lack of communication between us.Based on Alina Vrabie,2014, it have ten psychological factors of job satisfaction that employees need to know which are achievement, feedback, control, small daily hassles, organizational support, recognition, physical work environment, flexibility, relationship to immediate supervisor and work-life balance. But in our case of study we only discuss a few factors. The first factor is achievement.

Sometimes, it can be hard for leaders to understanding their worker contribution. People feel more satisfied when they achieve something so it is important to make the employees feel that they are part of the success. If we can see, the successful of The Swiss Laundry Ltd, every one of their employees feel their success. It is because The Swiss Laundry Ltd paying much attention to employees from the organization itself to the factory workers. If we want to compare with the Dobi Ibu, the employees cannot give the accurate answer whether they are satisfied or not. Based on surveys conducted most workers choose neutral.

So, the conclusions that can we can give, they are less likely to have achieved success. Likely, they were not informed about the success of the organization. Because of this, they are difficult to choose whether they are satisfied or not. Employees’ job satisfaction is a sensitive issue to daily inconvenience such as unnecessary busy work or senseless task. Although it might not seem like to much, but day-to-day irritations can really affect employee’s job satisfaction. The easiest ways to change the employees dissatisfied, the organization need to ask their people what their daily inconvenience are, and address them. The employees will be grateful for it (Alina Vrabie, 2014). If we can see all the employees in Swiss Laundry Ltd.

feel grateful because of the organization always take a good care of their welfare. They give the good condition of workplace. These situations make their employees feel grateful. Through a video, a worker named Linda Hortons told most of her family members work with Swiss Laundry Ltd. It started with her grandmother, her mother, her aunt which is working in office, itself, his daughter and his son-in-law as well. We can see that their worker feel proud to tell others that they are part of this organization.

If we want to compare with the Dobi Ibu, the employees agree that they are proud to tell others that they are part of this organization. Based on a survey conducted on three the worker, we find out that only one worker that agree with the statement in the survey form because she is a full-time employee while another employee is part-time. Part-time workers consist of final year students and master students.The most important factors are organizational support. The employees need to know that their workplace cares about them. This can be proved by a message from how employers treat them. Even though the company cannot offer their entire worker the benefits, the important thing is that they become aware to their organization supports them (Alina Vrabie, 2014).

We can see that, Swiss Laundry Ltd; support their employee’s charitable activities. This can be proved in their website, they said that there were proud to their staff’s energy and enthusiasm that they put to increase the money for good ways. Swiss Laundry Ltd.

Support their employees activities that match fund their success from the company profits and also they choose to organize and support charity every years (Swiss Laundry Ltd. 2010). If we want to compare with the Dobi Ibu, employees are saying that if they have problems and need help, just have to tell the boss and she will consider the problem.

Often, the boss will lend a helping hand as long as she can help. Emergency leave also provides no problems because they have enough workers to handle the laundry. Obviously here, the boss provide assistance and understand the wishes of its workers.Based on the survey and information that we obtained through the survey, we find a lot of improvements that can be done to increase the employee’s satisfaction. We find that, although the company has done a lot of improvement but there are still a few of the employees still not satisfied. It is not easy to satisfy all employees but as a top-level company, it is a key task or target for them to find solutions to reduce employee dissatisfaction and to reduce employee turnover. That is why; in the article written by Gregory P.

Smith he listed five ways to improve job satisfaction among employees. The five ways are provide a positive working environment, reward and recognition, involve and engage the workforce, develop worker’s skills and potential and evaluate and measure job satisfaction. This is called as PRIDE system.Leaders can increase the job satisfaction of workers, firstly by providing a positive working environment. This is a very important factor. This positive workplace can affect employees in terms of emotionally and physically. In terms of emotion, workers work in a calm state and avoid working pressure while physically, employees do not feel overwhelmed with work pressure because the facilities provided by the company are helpful to them (Gregory P.

Smith, 2018). For example, the company provides adequate seating and table facilities, cafeteria, rest area, child care, transportation, money changer machine, bus passes and so on. With all the facilities provided by the company, it is able to motivate employees, work and loyal to the company.”I can live for two months on a good compliment,” said Mark Twain. This means that the head should give praise to its employees for all the efforts that have been made to complete the task given. For example, the company can hold annual dinner or family day to celebrate its employees. In the event, the company announced the best employees of the year by providing a great reward. With the occasion, it can boost the spirit of the workers to work harder to give their best in their work performances.

Sometimes, small and informal celebrations are often more effective that big events once a year. In conclusion, compliments from top managements can increase the morale of employees to be more successful and to increase employee satisfaction towards a company (Gregory P. Smith, 2018).Involve and engage the workforce is indispensable. This is because, by providing an appropriate platform, employees can contribute ideas and share their opinions in a certain project. For example, the company holds an annual idea show.

During the exhibition, employees, engineers or scientists display the results of their projects and creations. From there, employees can share and exchange ideas to improve their work. The exhibition is only open to the company’s employees.

As a result it can create a healthy atmosphere of innovation and involve all employees to participate (Gregory P. Smith, 2018).Training and education encourage the public and make them more productive and innovative.

For example a company holds first training for new crews to train them to get used to the work. In fact, he can train employees to get used to the workplace. Then tests will be conducted to ensure that the new employee knows their strengths and weaknesses so that in the future they can improve their weaknesses. Indirectly, the training program can produce high motivation and produce skilled workers. There are many reasons why training programs are encouraged to be held. More trained and skilled workers in the field of work can be born from the program.

This can minimize supervision by the superior because the quality of work is guaranteed. Employees are able to satisfy every customer even loyal to the company. Workers who understand business reduce the index of job satisfaction, complaining less, are more satisfied, and more passionate in the field of work. All this leads to better management and employee relationships (Gregory P. Smith, 2018).

Continuous assessment and never ending is the last step of the PRIDE system. Assessment is very important aimed at measuring the level of progress of its employees as well as a company and also it’s also important to identify all the weaknesses and determine what needs to be improved. Continuous assessment includes, but is not limited to only employees, more focused on the company’s attitude, enthusiasm, and motivation. Assessments include identifying problem areas that require a plan of improvement in terms of organizational charts to design.

Satisfaction survey is done once a year to facilitate the improvement sessions conducted next year (Gregory P. Smith, 2018).


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