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Jodi ThoeleStudents perceive homework reminder app advantageous for academic outcomes and attitudesBackground: A growing number of U.S. college students suffer from anxiety, and academic success is their most reported stressor. Studies suggest that anxiety levels are negatively correlated with organization and time management skills (executive functioning) and executive functioning is positively correlated with learning satisfaction and number of homework assignments completed. However, there is insufficient research about the effects of homework reminder apps on executive functioning, anxiety, and learning satisfaction.Aim: To determine whether an automatic homework reminder affects executive functioning, anxiety, and learning satisfaction in college students.Method: 225 U.

S. college students completed a survey recording their perceived academic outcomes and the usefulness of the homework reminder app, Homework Suite. 133 students used the app and 92 students served as a control group. All 225 students completed a Likert-format survey about their homework organization method, assignments completed, and learning satisfaction.Results: Students who used Homework Suite reported increased executive functioning, more assignments completed, higher learning satisfaction, and lower anxiety.Conclusion: Educators and students should consider the use of computerized homework reminders to improve grades and mindsets.

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However, further studies should include data on final grades and attain a more diverse sample, as the present study is reliant on student perceptions and largely utilizes Caucasian business students between the ages of 16 and 24.


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