Joey because it fit his family’s accommodations.

Joey Franklin shows his audience the importance of family in his essay “Working at Wendy’s.” In the beginning of the essay one can tell how embarrassed Joey was by the way he walks into the restaurant.

While waiting for the manager to come out, he debates on whether he should wait and meet him. When a couple came in behind him, he placed the resume on his chest so that it was not noticeable and simply stepped to the side and looked over a menu. The reason why Franklin needed this job was because it fit his family’s accommodations. His wife had one more semester of college to finish. To make this stress-free, he would take care of his son during the day and work the night shift. At his job he met many people, learned about their lifestyles and was even able to give some advice.

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At the end of the essay, Franklin talks about his night routine; he goes home and goes to bed thinking about what the next day has to offer. “Working at Wendy’s” by Joey Franklin showed me that one must swallow their pride when it comes to supporting their family. Fast food restaurants are one of the few places that are open late and even though he was embarrassed, he continued working there. It was interesting to read about how determined Franklin was to provide for his family, especially at the end of the essay.

When he talks about coming home to a warm house, food in the fridge, and to his wife and kid, it makes me realize that a person does not need a high paying job or to be of a high stature to be happy.


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