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John F. Kennedy was the second child of Joseph P, who was known as a businessman, investor and politician in America. It was quite an astonishing fact if we took JFK’s poor performance, which due to his preference of socializing and sporting, in his early school life into consideration that this was the man who would later be one of the most influential presidents in history of the United States, and not till at the end of his college did he really take an interest in politics as before graduating, he got the chance of being an intern in the London embassy, which was an initial keystone that awakened his interest in politics in the upcoming day. After graduating from Harvard, he went for the military to fight in the World War II, in which he earned the name as a war hero for saving his injured comrades, and after that, he began his life in politics.

Serving from one of the members in the House of Representatives, to junior United States Senator, and then to the president of the United States, JFK was not only regarded as a charismatic person with the power of articulating his vision for the change that stirred up the emotion of the public, but also considered as a president that inspired his fellow Americans to dream big and serve the nation with their best.

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