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Jonathon HenryhandDr. CoyleEnglish comp 2February 7 2018 Good peopleDavid forster’s story “Good People” is probably one of those stories that would be very informative to most adolescents in this generation. This is a very powerful story about a couple who is having to make an extremely difficult decision that will make them question their own morals and religious faiths. In the very beginning the author introduces to us the boyfriend lane Dean a college student whos at the park with his girlfriend.

There they discuss an unplanned pregnancy that cause them to have many dilemmas. They are both very devout christians, the girlfriend, Sheri has already planned an abortion and Lane doesnt know how to share his thoughts with his girlfriend as he has internal conflicts going on in his head. He questions his own self and faith, this story allows us to be inside his head and gives us the perspective to see what actually goes on in this relationship along with thoroughly looking at how every things handled play by play.In today’s society it’s not often that your going to see to people at such an young age contemplate and ponder on pretty much anything really. In this story it discuss how two young adults approach probably the biggest decision of their lives this interest me the most due to my generations reputation. In the story it shows Lane thinking so deeply about the situation he literally asks himself is this what he wants and who he wants to spend the rest of his life with.Thinking about his morals and religion he’s stuck between right and wrong.

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“He liked just being with her and talking to her and talking to her. She was serious in her faith and values in a way that Lane had liked and now, sitting here at the table, found himself afraid if.”Now I can’t speak for the hole generation but being an athlete i’ve met a lot of people most of them being guys that I met at the gym. I would have to say i’m almost positive there isn’t one guy that i’ve met that that would be mature enough and have their morals straightened out to where they’d have internal conflict with themselves do to them thinking too much about a huge decision in there lives. I would have to say the way Land Dean thought about everything was most interesting to me. The way david foster tells this story is mainly from Dean’s perspective. This was the most confusing part in the story to me. The author sort of makes this story very one sided he doesn’t tells us what the girl truly thinks but just the one decision that she decided to make which was the abortion.

David Foster has an obvious focus on Lane it’s clearly shown because he only states Lanes thoughts and feelings. ” sometimes when alone and thinking or struggling to turn matters over into jesus christ in prayer he would find himself (…

)”. Therefore he has an inner view of Lane. In the story we briefly learn his opinions and especially when sheri is described we learn that it’s through her boyfriend that she is described. The effect of the inner view is that we only learn how one of the main characters is feeling and thinking. It also makes the information about sheri subjective because its her boyfriends opinion about her and not her exact feelings and thoughts. Clearly there’s a message within this story.

Not a lot of people can say that they live for god. This story reveals a true couples reaction to a bad decision that they made. A lot of people wouldn’t have handled it as accordingly and thoroughly as the couple did in the story. I think the main message was to let people know no matter what mistakes you make as long as you stay true to yourself and continue to do things under the christ of god you’ll be fine. ” He was desperate to be good people, to still be able to feel good.” Everyone’s not perfect you’re going to have to take a detour sometimes in life but you gotta keep going. David Foster didn’t plan to make this story super hard to comprehend he made it to where people could understand and could relate.Lane knows he isn’t being honest with himself about his love for Sheri which makes him have even more internal conflict with himself.

In doing so this created an very intense and unhappy atmosphere. Sheri knows about this but keeps quiet hoping he comes clean and let her know how he really feels. Lane hopes she’ll blow it off and says she just wants the best for him when he lets her know. Lane has been praying for love then towards the end he comes to realize that he’s been praying for the wrong the all this time. Instead of praying for love he should’ve been praying for courage to tell sheri the truth. The one of the main reasons for david foster choosing the title “good people” was to refer this to lane, who wants to be a good person by being honest with sheri.The title also refers to lane when he comes clean about not being fully serious about his faith and that he wants to be considered “good people” to feel like he was good people.Lane is a very self conscious person and doesn’t wanna lie to him or himself.

Most peoples goal is to be generous and nice to everyone. Despite weather or not someone is genuine about their religion that’s usually what all humans aspire to be. Lane understands he isn’t serious about his faith but he is still able to be good bye finding the courage to tell sheri the truth.


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