Judith the courageous Israelite woman Judith. General Holofernes

Judith Slaying HolofernesJudith Slaying Holofernes is a painting done by an Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi between 1614 and 1620. The painting is referred by some part of the art critics as the “Power of Women” which represents the power of women and their victory over powerful men.

The painting depicts a scene from the apocryphal Book of Judith, which describes the death of the Assyrian general Holofernes by the courageous Israelite woman Judith. General Holofernes was trying to demolish and conquer Judith’s home city, but Judith decided to stop him by using her elegance and beauty to deceive him. Judith enters the general’s tent and with the help of her servant, she decapitates the general after he has nodded off drunk. By looking at this painting, a merciless delineation is being reflected and inspires a powerful and frightening effect. The general’s eyes are infusing the fear and dread sensation to the observers and show the struggle and tension in sparing his life. In addition, a desperate realization on his face with blood splattered on the bed and a sword immersed into his neck indicate his last moment in his life. Bare and hopeless on the bed shows his foolishness and carnality led him to his death as he fights for his life. The grim nature of this work of art is totally enrapturing, with its diving arms and holding hands, and the blood-doused of the sharp edge through spine and cartilage of the neck.

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A fearless and brave look on the woman’s face shows how determined and resolved they are to end this agony. Judith’s face demonstrates extraordinary focus and exertion, the two arms push out straight before her in the process of killing the general. Her servant’s facial expression shows a dashing and audacious feeling holding Holofernes down and pushing him hard against the bloody bed. It displays the deception by using their beauty and the misfortune of the general by who was seduced by them. It is striking to see how a delicate creature like a woman despite all the blood, squeal, and helpless wrestling of the victim could be so fearless and undaunted. Judith Slaying Holofernes is a masterpiece by Artemisia Gentileschi that shows a ferocious action.

A scene of killing an invader how was tempted by the beauty of a woman and got slaughtered in his bed. As an observer, the painting inspires violence and death but also a sense of hope. It portrays an ongoing torment which never appears to end and inducts a continuous battle between the two sides. However, the painting illustrates how cruelty and roughness are used in order to stop an affliction and bring back the hope and aspiration to life.


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