Junk also makes lower chances of diseases

Junk food VS Healthy food
People today is not like people in past. A long time ago people eat natural food.
This was good for their health. Now a day people are using junk food that’s why
There are many diseases in this time. Where science is improving and providing
Facilities to human life. On the other hand it is also making a lot of diseases.
In these days almost of the people are busy that’s why they don’t get time to
Make food at home in this way they eat junk food. Health food is important and
Good for life it helps us to live healthy life. It also makes lower chances of diseases
It helps us to stays free from diseases and enjoys our life which Allah has given us.
Eating fruit and vegetables can maintain our blood pressure. While junk food is
Very dangerous for our life. In informal language meaning of junk food is low in
Nutritution. Commonly junk food contain many things but I will tell you about
Some of this junk food contains slanty, lays, gums, candies, deserts, etc


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