Jython the Editor Window, although, there’s a

Jython Environment for Students (JES), is embed in a mixture of Java and Jython. JES is a free software, that is made under General Public License. Meaning, that everyone is able to use this software, free of charge, and it can be shared with everyone.

JES is a development that is designed for Media Computation. It allows students to use the Python programming language to manipulate images, sounds, and videos (O’Dell). JES also comes in marketing for WIndows, Macintosh OS X, and a source distribution that can be run on any platform with a Java VM.

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Integrated Development Environment (IDLE) is an IDE. IDLE has two window types, the Shell window and the Editor Window, although, there’s a possibility to have multiple editor windows. With the IDLE’s menu there’s changes dynamically based on which window you select. “PyCharm is designed by programmers, for programmers, to provide all the tools you need for productive Python development.

It works on Windows, OS X and Linux and with the use of developers tools to come up with the best development.” (Managazda). After comparing and contrasting PyCharm is better because it offers more visual. PyCharm has the ability to complete a code automatically and the templates as well.


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