Kailin interaction with the Hispanic brand and channels

Kailin BethelSeptember 11, 2018MGMT-351Professor PaigeHispanics Marketing Online and Mobile FormatsFor the U.S. Hispanic marketing online and mobile formats, the specific objective is to identify the strategic internal and external factors that are relevant to success. Strengths are internal aspects of mobile with a product or market focus. Those include text messaging, streaming music, and video, Hispanics love of language and conversation, ease of use of mobile phones and online streaming, younger market, improved technology, and new technology such as SMS, QR codes, and geolocation.

Some of the challenges, which are also product or market focused, are privacy, lower levels of trust, language barriers of mobile apps and mobile websites. An example of this weakness is when a mobile transaction is initiated by a Spanish speaking person. Often the commerce from Spanish goes through English before the transaction is completed, thus creating a barrier to that transaction completion. The education gap is also a weakness or challenge as fewer Hispanics have a formal education than the general public.An effective marketing strategy targeting the Hispanic market-oriented required a well-crafted, data-driven is the first step in reaching the Spanish market. This process must be combined with marketing, strategy and financial evaluation to assess comprehensively the Hispanic opportunities, which results in outputs which frame the size, scope, and procedures necessary to win with Hispanics, as well as a clear financial contribution and investment.

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A second fact to build Hispanic’s strategy hyperlocal strategies will be required. This is due to the interaction with the Hispanic brand and channels are very different by age, the market, and the degree of assimilation. Understanding the differences in the results are different sizes of the market, strategic approaches, and consumer goods, radically different paths to the market and channel strategy. These strategies are based entirely on the information provided in the table.

Enterprises must focus on the strengths and opportunities of the Hispanic market to have a clear objective of the strategy. We know that the Hispanic people like text messaging, streaming music and video online, love of language and speaking, younger generation of the market, a high level of penetration of smartphones and the like using social networking sites. If the strategy will incorporate these aspects, it would make much more attractive to Hispanic consumers.


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