Katie Katie got really annoyed with her.

Katie woke up from her bed and yawned .Ugh school.

Why couldn’t it already be holiday? Look at all this lovely sunshine going to waste , while they were stuck inside writing long sums a million times.”Katieeee,” yelled her mum, “get down here now.” “,Just 5 more minutes, please.” ” Andrea is already dressed and ready to go to school,” shouted mum from downstairs.

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Andrea was Katie cousin who was staying with her until her mum came back from Germany on a work trip. She wasn’t all bad , she could be good fun when you played with her . It was just times like these where Katie got really annoyed with her.”Fine, I’m coming.

” Reluctantly , she pulled the duvet cover of her and slowly climbed out of bed .She brushed her teeth and got ready for school.When she got to school, she saw Amy and her little gang. “Hey, loser .

” They were the bullies of the school, Katie could easily join them but she knew that people who bully are weak besides she didn’t have a skateboard, well she did but she was banned from it ever since the incident involving tears and lots of broken bones. All the bullies had a skateboard . It was their way of showing they’re important .


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