Kayla the many clubs I am a part

Kayla Padilla
My name is Kayla and I have an ardent desire to become class of 2020 secretary. This is my second year at Barbara Goleman Senior High School and I can truly say it has been an amazing two years being apart of this environment along with being involved in the many clubs I am a part of. Keeping my anticipated school schedule in mind along with responsibilities and the many clubs I am a part of, I believe I can perform the duties that is expected of me to my full potential by applying the many skills I have acquired that high school has taught me so far to become class of 2020 secretary. I wish I can say I was very involved in school during my freshman year as I am now in my sophomore year but sadly I was not. Even though I was not as involved as I wish I was, freshman year did teach me skills I will take along with me during my remaining two years of high school and outside from it.

One of the many things my freshman and sophomore years has taught me was great time management skills; there are just 24 hours in each day so what you do with that time makes all the difference. I consider myself a well-organized person due to me always carrying a planner everywhere I go to manage my time wisely and to get the maximum out of each day. I believe this skill is essential to becoming secretary because you need to know how to manage you time wisely in your schedule because becoming secretary requires a commitment along with dealing with school work/extracurricular activities. I will admit junior year is not going to be an easy year when juggling school work, dual, and the three clubs I am in now: Deca, Fbla, and Ymaa. However, I believe that by using great time management, effective planning, good note taking, and the organizational skills that these two years have taught me I can perform my duties to my full potential as class of 2020 secretary.

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I would be more then proud to become secretary because I as a person just love being involved and putting innovative ideas and thoughts out there. Even if my ideas are not being used it makes another person brain storm even bigger and better. As secretary I will also keep great notes as well as communicate the wishes of class of 2020 to my fellow officers. Barbara Goleman is such an amazing school, but I know there can be much more things to improve. I am open to ideas from all over and will listen to what the class of 2020 wishes, and I also want to help bring people back into the decision-making process by keeping everyone updated always. I am an enthusiastic person, full of integrity, who is always ready and willing to adjust to different settings and situations as well as addressing a situation and solving it the right way. As a class officer this is how I would plan to perform the duties expected of me to my full potential while tackling school work along with clubs/responsibilities. I wish to be view as part of class of 2020 secretary as well as representing Barbara Goleman Senior High School.


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