Kelly, preferences on digital technologies have been

Kelly, B, Vandervijvere, S, Freeman, B & Jenkin, G 2015, ‘New media but same old tricks: food marketing to children inthe digital age’, Current Obesity Reports, vol.

4, no. 1, pp. 37- 45, viewed 30 August 2018, <>.In this article the author explains digital technologies, which offer unmatched opportunities for food companies to engage with new people. The writer explores the emergence of food marketing using new media.

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The writer also monitors the extent and nature of food marketing through media channels. This is an essential first step in identifying the potential scope of young people’s exposure to these promotions, and for increasing the accountability of industry for responsible marketing and of governments for protecting children from the harmful effects of this marketing. In this article, the author discusses some points like marketing to young people, contextual analysis, impacts and the various setups of new media food marketing tools.

The author aims to explore the potential impact of new media food and marketing on young people’s diets. The writer also identifies current policy responses to limit children’s exposure to its promotions. The author conducted the study about the consumption of food, sugary drinks and snacks by the children and identified the disadvantageous impact of pop beverages. The source was published in 2015 and is clearly a fairly current and quality peer-reviewed journal as well. From this article the authors seem to be experts in the fields of marketing and strategy in digital media. The expert also provides various kinds of ideas and information in this article.

From this research, attitudes and impacts of food preferences on digital technologies have been collected and analyzed, and the source appears authoritative as a result.Alharbe, A 2015, ‘Business Growth Thru Social Media Marketing’,International Journal of innovation and applied studies, vol. 13, no. 4, pp.

873-880, viewed 30 August 2018, ; file:///C:/Users/jeffrey.zerbst/Downloads/IJIAS-15-113-10.pdf;.

In this article the author explains how the social media changed the nature of business when it comes to marketing; this also applies to their product and services. The writer reviews how social media is a powerful way to market a product to customers and prospective customers of all shapes and sizes. The author discovers the effect of social media and products, and explores the idea ofhow business success is established through networking.

The author also provides an idea about how to establish the customer relationship, to promote brand call and also improve sales. The writer considered six different types of segments which have potential to bring about very beneficial changes in terms of business development. Those six segments are – social network reach, social news, low cost marketing, and customer relationship, branding and sales. The writer also investigates effects, presentation, significance and conclusion in term of business development on social marketing. The Author found out the effect of social media and products, and explored the idea of how business success through networking can take place.

The main reason for this study is to settle doubts concerning the elements of social media promotions that have an effect on the business. The supply was revealed by Innovative Space of Scientific Research Journals (2015) which doubtlessly identified the currency of the work, and a quality, peer-reviewed journal, additionally. The author feels like an honest, skilled, rising businessman on social media promoting his business as a result of the realizable, required ways and set up that area unit provided.

The text concerns the various impacts of the social media promotion for the event of business.Vinerean, S 2017, ‘Importance of Strategic Social Media Marketing’, ExpertJournal of Marketing, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 28 – 35, viewed 30 August 2018, ; http://marketing.expertjournals.

com/23446773-504/;.The author expands the concept of social media selling from varied points of views. The writer’s analysis chiefly centeres on promoting, conceptualization,destination, potential and key open door associations, shopper relationshipadministration, social control conclusions and demerits of SMM (social mediamarketing).The study support of social media consumers becomes more empowered and also they engage in brand interactions. It is providing new tools in their alternative, search, evaluation, and buy of promoting offering. The author applies the role of SMM to numerous organisations. The author has addressedvariations between the ideas of SM and SMM.

The article provides acomprehensive foundation to increase the most opportunities for strategic SMM inthe on-line medium. The study thought of making and maintaining close relations with purchasers. The most analysis of this thesis concerning social media is to come up with a lot of earning which suggests a lot of public get concerned by theemployment of social media selling. The article was release in 2017 in the ExpertJournal of Marketing which is a standard peer-reviewed Journal. The author reveals how the social media like Twitter, Facebooks play key roles in product promoting so as to achieve the targeted purchasers. The author conjointly makes an announcement of the difficulties which will be faced while understanding the wishes of the consumers. The aim of this text is to look at strategic opportunities of the social media selling for organisations and this analysis mainly outlines its role in advertising, client relationship management and e-word-of-mouth.Whiting, A & Deshpande, A 2014, ‘Social Media Marketing: A Myth or aNecessity’, Journal of Applied Business and Economics; vol.

16, no. 1, pp. 74-81, viewed 30 August 2018, < https://scu.>.The Author says that SMM is heavilt debated in marketing circles today. This article claims that social media marketing does not work well as a marketingagent and it cannot bring new consumers to a company or brand and may alienateconsumers if blatant advertising tactics are used. These days, organisations growup in a short time with the help of social media marketing strategies. This articledescribes the importance of the social media marketing and companies attract clients towards their business.

The writer discusses about the introduction, issues, benefits and conclusion of social media marketing. The writers also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of SMM, and say that when it is used with care, social media marketing can be valuable or even a necessary tool for the company. The writer explains a study which shows how many people spend their time on social networks. The aim of the article research is to highlight the fact of social media marketing and also it can be a useful tool for an organisation. The author has a debate between positive and negative aspects to find a good way to use social media marketing. The study was released in 2014 which reveals its partial currency and is a peer-reviewed journal as well. The purpose of this article is to show that a company will be successful when it focuses on social media marketing using tools.

Social media can assist the companies in helping their customers show their pride in a company and it is true that, when used with care, it can be a valuable and even necessary, marketing tool for an organisation.


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