Kenyatta among others. drugs can be- administered

Kenyatta UniversityName: Bian Odero From : Kenyatta UniversityTo : Spinners secondary school Ruiru.Topic: Drug abuse and its Effects.Sponsor: Education Students Organoisation KU chapter ( E.S.

O-KU)Motto : My health our responsibility.Mission : Okoa bro na siz from drug abuse.Date : 21-03-2018what is drug defination(s)I. Drug is any substance that when taken, has both psychological and physiological effects on the user.II. Drug is any chemical substance that when taken into the body will modify or alter with body fuctions from the normal function to abnormal function and vice verser.

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Drugs can be classifed as legal or illegal depending with the county or country.what is drug abuse.defination(s)? Use of the drug for a purpose other than what it ment for.

? We can also say that it is a non-medical use of drugs that destroys the health and productive life of an individual.? It can also be defined as the intentional use of psychoactive substances for purposes of altering one’s psychological state without medical supervision.Psychoactive substances are drugs that alter moods, emotions, and perceptions of individuals and they are categorised into three major groups. i. Stimulantsii. Hallucinogensiii.

DepressantsThey include:- caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis among others.drugs can be- administered orally ,injected,chewed,sniffed,smoked or applied#taking paracitamol when feeling headache.maumivu yakizidi mwone daktari psychological effects comes due changes that take place in the brain once a person becomes a drug addictwhat causes drug addiction.this is a belief that it cures stress or pain. so when one feels pain, he feeels like taking the drug and eventually end up addicted. this will inturn leads to cruving of drugs.craving is a powerful desire of sombething.therefore craving of drug is the state of being preoccupied with obtaining and using of drugs1.

Craving is the greatest psychological effects as per my analysis. Because the persons involved believe that they can not handle life or exist without the drugs. This is a false belief.Other psychological effects include Wild mood swings, depression, anxiety, paranoia, violencewild comes from a Germanic word translated into Old English WILDE.

T his means untamed, uncivilised or uncultivated.mood means The conscious state of the mind or predominant emotion.swing means basically the changes.Combined together, wild mood swing means the untamed/uncultivated/undomesticated change in conscious state of mind or pedominant emotions.see the below pictutes 1. Decrease in pleasure in everyday life2. Complication of mental illness3.

Hallucinations4. Confusion5. Psychological tolerance to the drug’s effects creating a desire to do ever-increasing amounts of the drug – Once addicted, you will be influeced into taking more other drugs of varied qualities. for instance, one addicted to alcohol, will end up taking miraa/marijuana, moguka,ndovu, kuber, bhang/khat. name the rest.6. Desire to engage in risky behavior:-such as a.

stealing, b. rape case, c. unsafe arbortion, d. unprotected sex that leads to exposures to dengers like aquisition of STIs that is The effects of drugs to a student in hing school or upper school as per the new curriculum. include the followingA. lack of concentrationB. School drop out.

C. Strained relationship with other students.D. Lack of interest in studying.E. Low concentration span.F.

Declining grades.G. Lack of interest in extra curriculum activities.H.

Theft.I. Bullying.J.

Truancy op out from schoolstudents themselves are affected by1. Anxiety.2.

Headache.3. Sleepy.4.

Confused.5. Vomiting.6. Nervousness.7.

Red eyes.Lack of co-ordination.8. Tiredness / fatigue How to live a drug free student.1. Seek guidance and counselling from teachers, parents religious leaders and proffesionals in the same field.

feel free to intreact with the welleness center kenyatta university.2. Learn to say NO with confidence to drugs and drug abuse or any substance that is realted to drugs. painkillers are one of the most misused drugs unknowinly.3. Set clear goals and objectives and parsue them with passion.4.

Sarround yourself with drug free friends. do not issolate your friends but try and help them by reffering them to relevant persons/places where they can get help. if they fail to listen to you then please vacate them and look for friends that are safe. remember the saying ‘ SHOW ME YOUR FRIENDS AND I WILL TELL WHOM YOU ARE’. 5.

Have a high regard of yourself and maintain your self esteem. Its not too late you can still build yourself.This is the end.May God bless you abundantlyBye till next time


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