KEYBOARD represent the indicator light for “NUM LOCK”,

KEYBOARD WHAT IS KEYBOARD :-      Keyboard is an  device that takes input from the user and  contains an arrangement of keys that help the user to interact with the computer and instruct the computer to perform a specific task by entering characters and functions into the computer system. KEYBOARD PARTS:- 1. ALPHANUMERIC KEYSNumbers as well as the letters are present on the same key in this type of keys .

2. NUMERIC KEYS 17 keys are contained in a division on the keyboard, usually on the far right that provides calculator type efficiency for entering numbers. 3.

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FUNCTIONAL KEYS Lined along the top of the keyboard from F1 to F12,this keys act as an operating system command interpreter or cause applications to perform certain actions. WORKING OF KEYBOARDThe keyboard contains contact layers beneath it which detect key  presses and it also contains 3 LED’s at the upper right corner to represent the indicator light for “NUM LOCK”, “CAPS LOCK ” and “SCROLL LOCK”. The contact layer contains of 3 layers of plastic out of which 2 are electrically conducting and comprises of an insulating layer with holes in between  to detect the key that was pressed.Pressing of a key results in the top and the bottom layers to come together which sends a signal to the computer.     ON SCREEN KEYBOARD The On Screen Keyboard is an application that provides a visual keyboard on the display screen that can be used in place of the physical keyboard. The on screen keyboard allows user to enter text using a Joystick or a pointing device.              ADVANTAGES OF  ON SCREEN KEYBOARD1.

The keyboards are very useful for physically disabled people who cannot type with their hand. By using touch to type, their work becomes more easier. 2.They can be easily maneuvered by using a pen or stylus.3.The on screen keyboards are not restricted to a particular language by making sure that the computer supports the specific language.4.  In case of financial transactions, the keyboard does not produce keystrokes and thus provides extra security towards hackers and identity theft.

 DISADVANTAGES OF ON SCREEN KEYBOARD 1.The on screen keyboard obscures the work area.2.They are small and difficult to type in which increases the  typing errors.


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