KFC values. The company focuses on making

KFC isamongst the world’s most famous and loved brands. KFC bears a Fortune 500 rankof 239 with sales revenues in excess of $11 billion.

However, KFC’s successwould not have been possible had it not been for the way KFC’s organization isstructured, its solid recruitment and HR management practices, its effective marketingmix strategy and providing easy sources of finance to entrepreneurs who wish toset up a KFC franchisee.KFC Corporation has developed an effective HRdepartment for managing its worldwide human resource pool successfully. KFC policy is to develop an efficient, loyal andcommitted workforce by allocating adequate resources to its recruitment andselection process.

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Through its”Operations Leadership” program and by encouraging ’employeediversification’ and hiring the right people in the first place, KFC ensures that adequate talented human resource pool is availablefor present-day business management as well as for the future. KFC’s marketing mix strategy creates a uniqueposition for its fried chicken range within the end-users mind space, whileremaining honest to its core values. The company focuses on making its productsavailable across the world, as well as offering distinctive product features thatremains unique to KFC. This combined with its mass segment penetrative pricingstrategy will result in significant growing demand for its products. By buildingstrong relationships with its customers and creating brand image and equityamongst its target market, KFC will effectively manage to stay ahead of most of itscompetitors and garner high market share.KFCoffers entrepreneurs interested in setting up KFC franchisee outlets withvarious financing options through its “YUM Capital FinancingProgram”, “YUM Minority Lending Assistance Program”, and “Wells FargoEquipment Financing Program”.

 This improvesKFC’s ability to attract more interested franchisees and set up outlets at amuch faster rate and thus expand the business globally.Inconclusion, it is no surprise that KFC has weathered all storms and survivedand grown steadily through its 87 year history. 


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