Knowledge education has influence educational standard for

Knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing of provide excellent context in which to understand current
practice. Being able to know the mistakes from the past shows us what not to do in the future. As stated by Conceptual Foundations: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice Florence Nightingale influence nursing and the spread of her
ideas about nursing education has influence educational standard for nurses. Florence Nightingale still influences current nursing education standards (Friberg, 2015). Since the days of Florence Nightingale, the nursing field has evolved dramatically. From the way nurses assess patients to how nurses communicate with patients has change for the greater good of the patients.

The trends from “Nursing Timeline of Historical Events” that have influenced my perspective of nursing practice the
most is Technology, Notable Famous and the American Nurses Association. I believe technology has had the most impact in nursing. According to Nursing Timeline of Historical Events ” As the needs of patient populations become increasingly complex, so too has the technology to diagnose, monitor and treat disease.” (Nursing Timeline of Historic Events) Since, the advance of technology nurse can communicate with each other around the world to find the best practice in order to care for their patients. Nurses can contact doctors within a matter of minutes. Patient care has become more efficient. The American Nurse Association has help standardize nursing education in specialize field (Nursing Timeline of Historic Events). Providing a standard in nursing has help the nursing field become one of the most admired and respected professions in the world. Many notable famous nurses impacted nursing throughout the decades. I admire all nurses that made such a dramatic in pack in the nursing profession. Such as Mabel Keaton Staupers in 1920, she and two physicians started Booker T. Washington Hospital in Harlem to treat black Americans with tuberculosis (Nursing Timeline of Historic Events). She also helps to eliminate segregation in the armed forces nurse corps in World War II. (Nursing Timeline of Historic Events) She is an inspiration to how we should continue to breakdown barrier and support each other as well as our patients. All of the above mention trend has one way or another have impact some part of the nursing field and will continue to make an impact in best nursing practice.

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