La me mad mostly sad because of

La Jon Miller
Professor Shannon
East field College
February 27, 2018
Reflection Essay
Over the 57 years I have lived. My life has been though lots of twists and turns, I have had a lot of moments in my life that have made me who I am today. It all started when I was child, in 1966 in which I look back on because it was not only a turning point in my life but a city as a whole. It when segregation one took place in my hometown of Brownwood, I as a first graded in an all black elementary and as a youth didn’t actually know what was taking place but moving from one school to another, really not understanding segregation all I know it really didn’t make me mad mostly sad because of leaving a situation that I knew. I would have to say the second defining moment was my mother and father got a divorce, again really not understanding the whole situation but all I could see what my mother was having to go though and had to endure, with my father being an alcoholic and leaving her with four children to raise by herself. I began to realize that mom have to work a couple of jobs to support us and I began to get angry and thinking how can a person do this to another it made me angry and bitter to top it off we barely got to see him while growing up, but I guess seeing my mom handle the task of grooming four children made me a stronger youth and also had to grow up fast. Like I stated in the beginning of the paper I grow up in a small town where prejudice was in full affect and blacks did not have many options, the sixties and seventies and also eighties were bad I can recall the time when DR. King was fighting for civil rights and I had a couple of cousins that was strong in the movement was getting together marches at the age of eighteen and one night they were out just walking and got arrested for just being black, and then in the early seventies in Junior High School racism reared it’s ugly head again, playing on a football team with just about all white guys they incited a riot and the Whole school was involved, now speaking of all of that to say I was very mad and confused, but to say the least it make me a stronger and wiser man today. That’s why I live by a couple of rules in life.

Adapt to change, let go and embrace the challenge.

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Anticipate Change, you have to always stay ready to change.
Enjoy Change; savor every moment in life take on new adventures.

Be ready to change quickly because each passing day life moves very fast be ready to catch it when it changes, But never be afraid to talk about anything life is taking you though.
A. I had many role models growing up such as my cousins and teachers, along with the community and the lady and gentleman that ran the community center they was there to talk and always give good positive answers to a solution, but I would say my Mother was the biggest influence I had in my life, seeing her resiliency and the way she conquer things, shaped and molded me into a well prepared adolescence, showing me there is no mountain to tall to climb.


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