Language of proper grammar. Teenagers in this generation

Language proficiency is the ability of an individual to speak or perform in an acquired language. This is because the modern technology allows the students to communicate with their families and friends instantly using application such as Line, WeChat, Facebook and WhatsApp. This application will make life easier to communicate with each other, however this will cause them to ignore the spelling and the usage of proper grammar.

Teenagers in this generation like to communicate with their friends and tend to make new friends when they are using social networks. However, some of them will face problems when it comes to real face to face conversation. They find that it is easier to communicate through the technology instead of having face to face conversation.

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Actually, face to face conversation can build mutual trust between them because we can see their face expression if their truly mean it or not. According to Erica Loop(2014) As an adult, you may know Mr.Bob’s bio facts are far from true, but it does not mean that your child has the same understanding. With the poor language proficiency they might be misunderstand about your information in the web.

Technology does helps people in learning and making new friends from social networks but people misused it in a wrong way. To avoid this problem, we have to lessen the communication through the technology and try to communicate with all people around us.


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